Bishop Libby Lane at Eternal Trinity

Press Release for ‘Eternal Trinity’ Sculpture at

RHS Tatton Flower Show

July 18 – 23 2017

The artist with Bishop Libby Lane and La Danse Eternelle

First woman Bishop with three-in-one garden sculpture

The Church of England’s first woman bishop, the Right Revd Libby Lane, is to appear with and talk about a unique garden sculpture between 1pm and 2pm on 18th July in the RHS Tatton Flower Show Sculpture Park, stand ‘Ali Hutchison Art TP316’.

‘Eternal Trinity’ is an installation of three bronze Mobius forms by sculptor Ali Hutchison; ‘Endless Praise’, ‘Everlasting Love’ and ‘La Danse Eternelle’.

One nestles in the crook of a bough of an ancient ash tree, one stands proud on a base of carved brown oak, the third converses from its plinth of weathered stone.  Each mobius is a visual puzzle, a sinuous loop with a triangular cross-section but only one edge and one plane. These mobiuses truly embody three-in-one, echoing the Christian idea of the Holy Trinity which also has three elements; of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Bishop Libby will reflect on her response to the sculptures and what they represent, as well as RHS Tatton Flower Show and she is happy to be photographed.

Bishop Libby with Everlasting Love

Bishop Libby was the first woman bishop in the Church of England. She was installed as Bishop of Stockport for the Diocese of Chester in 2015.  The area under her care includes Tatton Park and Knutsford, and therefore the RHS Tatton Flower Show.

Artist and Sculptor Ali Hutchison is from Cheshire, Scartworks Foundry, which cast the bronzes, is in Ormskirk, Lancashire and these sculptures are part of the resolved work towards an MA completing this summer at Leeds College of Art:  So the installation also represents collaboration and friendship across not only usually competitive counties, but even across the Pennines.

Issued 17.7.17       For further information please contact Ali Hutchison  07854 750505

For Press and Media access to RHS Tatton Flower Show please contact Aimee Reilly, Press Officer RHS Shows,   020 7821 3364

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